Stop wasting your energy.

Focus on what matters.

Energy waste is invisible, but it’s happening every day.
Ensure you are doing all you can towards supporting a sustainable future.


Our energy auditing, sustainability planning and energy monitoring products help your organisation to stop wasting energy, save money, and focus that saving towards more of what matters to you.

Time To Make A Change

Organisations with heart - that sense of social responsibility, understand the need to be more sustainable.


Recycling programmes, reducing reliance on single-use plastics, re-thinking day-to-day transportation choices - these are all excellent starting points but do little to address one key point.


The waste that is occurring daily in the form of invisible energy usage. Lights left on. Machines running unnecessarily. Energy inefficient buildings operating 24/7.


It all adds up and means money is being spent on utility bills rather than what really matters.

Why A Need For Timeline

  • Your organisation has accountability for where its funds go.

  • You are under increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets.

  • You need to gain control of inefficient building maintenance schedules.

  • You have limited energy data and what you do have is difficult to analyse.


What We Do

Staff training, tools and resources

Expert support

and guidance

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Real-time, energy monitoring

Learn more about how Timeline can help your organisation today.


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